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EarthSong Lodge in pictures

EarthSong Lodge in pictures

The view of a lifetime

The view of a lifetime
Denali in March 2012

Caribou and Sled Dogs

Caribou and Sled Dogs

two minutes of sunshine at -16 below

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding Bells at EarthSong

A very special day at EarthSong Lodge...today we had the honor to host the wedding of Matthew and Brandy from Pennsylvania. And I had the extra honor to officiate the wedding. For those of you not from Alaska, we have a unusual situation in the Last Frontier. Anyone can marry a couple up here, if certain paperwork is filled out. I have done two past ceremonies, and was very happy when this couple asked me to marry them. Very small ceremony, with the wedding couple, Karin, Rose (our housekeeper), and myself. We all wish them the best of luck in their new, exciting life adventure.

The Interior of Alaska is undergoing record-breaking hot temps, with Fairbanks breaking 80F for a few days in a row. This has also accelerated the wildfire season, and already there is a call from extra support coming up from the Lower 48. There is a relatively small lightning strike fire burning east of the lodge, across the Nenana River, from a strike that Karin actually saw. Smoke hasn't been a problem yet, and we hope some rain comes into the picture. Very hot for the dogs, very dangerous for fires.

Our four-month old pups are now on chains in the dog yard with the big boys during the day, a beginning step from young puppy-hood to older puppy-hood. The hot daytime weather helps mellow them out, and takes much of the trauma away. But when they all get together in the evening in the pen, all hell breaks loose! After all, pups will be pups.

Henry's Coffeehouse opened this morning. Our menu looks excellent...pecan-encrusted salmon, Thai panang chicken, honey-cilantro chicken, and of course spaghetti and meatballs. So much for the trim figure this summer...

Our newest addition to the coffee bar is an excellent bean from Uganda, one that I wanted to try for a few months now. Fantastic stuff. I think I still like K-Bay Coffee's Ethiopian Amaro Gayo bean more, but this is a good drink. It's always nice to find a pleasant delivery system for my favorite drug, caffeine.

More to follow in the hot summer days ahead. Watch for moose when driving up!

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